This is the country at which I has spent most of my life. It was 28 years and more to go filled of love and joys. These plein-air watercolours describe what I love about Poland - beautiful yet peaceful. I dedicate them to the place that has made me became who I am today.
These watercolors are about the place I was born, Vietnam. They remind me of my childhood at my original country. Looking at these paintings, you will see the reflection of my deepest memories from the old days.
Italy - the land of historical and artistic atmostphere has deeply inspired me to create my art works. The watercolour paintings of this beautiful country were painted on location, inspired by the lively atmosphere while others are based on my feelings to Italy after making more than 15 trips there.

I was born in Vietnam and live in Poland for last 31 years but I have to confess to my birthplace and the place that brought me up that the country I love the most is Italy. I have been in Italy more than 15 times since 2007, 10 times by car, traveling from city to city for weeks. I visited Sicily 3 times, Tuscany 4 times, 1 time in Puglia, 3 times in Fabriano, 2 times in Rome, 1 time in Naples, Cinque Terre, Bellagio, Venice, 2 times skiing in Val di Sole and Val di Fiemme. In term of art & architecture there are no other place like Italy. In term of cusine, well.. I can’t say that it’s the best in the World because I still love phở and sushi but come on... pizza in Naples, ice cream in San Gimignano, wine in Montalcino, latte di mandorla in Sicily there are things you have to try. Some of those dishes were unforgettable that I still remember the feelings and the mood when I ate it ??... But omitting all those buildings, sculptures and dishes what make Italy ?? no.1 on my list are people. People are so authentic, open, friendly, full of life and careless that I start to think that Italians don’t have any duties or worries... There is one Italian thing I don’t like that is Italian football team but well, nothing is perfect ? To summarize my post, here are some of my Italian paintings. Some I painted on location and some in studio but all were painted with a glass of wine or cup of coffee in my hand ??☕️ Enjoy!
Since my first visit in Mount Lu in August 2017, China became one of the most important place for me. All the richness of culture, the turbulent of history and the uniqueness of people attract me to this country over and over and inspire me to create my art works.
Hanfu is an ancient Chinese clothing which is making it comeback nowaday. The term "Hanfu" means "dress of the Han people" which have strong connection to the Chinese culture and tradition.
Watercolour paintings of beautiful streets and cities from all around the World. Most of the works were created by inspiring mood on location.
Nature creates the best paintings.
These watercolours are dedicated to people & figure. There are two topics that I'm particularly interested in. People from different regions of the World and women's forms drawn from live models.